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A History of Women in Mathematics Gets Release Date!

Mark your calendars! The third book in my Trailblazers of Women in STEM series for Pen & Sword Books, A History of Women in Mathematics, has just received a release date of October 31, 2023, and is available for Pre-Order! When I first approached Pen & Sword with the idea of publishing a series of books, each devoted to a different STEM discipline, the very first one I wanted to do was a mathematics volume because I am, in fact, a giant math nerd. It was thought more wise ultimately to start with a topic more accessible to more people, and so I had to wait until Volume 3 to start in on this math history, but now it is here! With figures like the ancient Pythagorean Theano of Croton, the Arabic algebraist Sutayta Al'Mahamali, the tragic Russian novelist and partial differential equations wizard Sofia Kovalevskaya, and the great orbital mathematician Katherine Johnson, there are stories here from every corner of mathematical development from the last three thousand years, so dig on in!


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